mini Vario
Acoustic variometer for Paragliding Pilots

We offer sleek vario app that makes use of the new barometric pressure sensor in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. Check it out now!

mini Vario has a broad range of use.

Combined with other apps or stand-alone, sound-only or with display

Runs in background

mini Vario can run in background. You can easily combine it with any other flight app.

Simple Design

We created an app that is easy and fun to use.

Optimized battery life

mini Vario only uses the barometer of your iPhone, no GPS. It can be used while your iPhone’s display is switched off. This offers maximum battery lifetime.

Comprehensive settings

mini Vario’s offers many configuration options, including tone modulation, cllimb rates and an optional sink alert.

Frequently asked questions

Which devices can I use with mini Vario?

mini Vario needs a device with barometric pressure sensor. Currently only the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ have this sensor available.

Can mini Vario display the absolute altitude?

No, mini Vario does not request GPS information in order to save power. Therefore it has no absolute altitude indication.


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